VULCAN Eave EVA Foam Fillers

VULCAN Eave EVA Foam Fillers

Eave foam fillers are usually sandwiched between the polycarbonate or metal roofing sheets and the purlins which they are affixed to and should be used on all areas where the corrugated profiles come in contact with the structure.

Not only does it provide a layer of protection from rubbing and scratches, but also prevents wind noise and potential roof rattling.

VULCAN EVA Foam fillers differs from other brand products in that their mechanical properties such as density, hardness, elongation, tensile, tear, and compression strength are much higher and can therefore withstand more weight and pressure from the elements.

What is EVA?

EVA, short for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate, also known as polyethylene vinyl acetate, an elastomeric polymer with a rubber like softness and flexibility. EVA is easy to color, have good toughness, stress-crack resistance, waterproof, and resistant to UV radiation.  When manufactured to the foam rubber form, its light weight, water impermeability, light weight, and shock absorber properties makes it a good building material, especially as a foam filler and edge sealer for VULCAN Corrugated circular and angular polycarbonate skylight sheets.

VULCAN Eave EVA Foam Filler Profile Selection

VULCAN Eave EVA Foam Fillers are made to match each of the individual polycarbonate corrugated profiles we offer.

ROMA Profile Foam Infill

GRECA Profile Foam Infill

TRIMDEK Profile Infill

Mini Profile Foam Infill

JEMPAL Profile Foam Infill

PUMA Profile Foam Infill

JAGUAR Profile Foam Infill