MINI Polycarbonate

VULCAN Polycarbonate Corrugated MINI (32/9) Profile

VULCAN MINI profile has a 32mm pitch and 9mm depth, span 1050mm wide and an affective coverage of 1000mm.

MINI short for MINIature, has the shallowest and most closely spaced corrugations among VULCAN polycarbonate corrugated profiles.  This profile was commonly used in the old days when PVC material was a popular glazing material, which is compatible with MINI profile metal roofings in many countries.

Due to rising concerns surrounding production, usage, recyclability and environmental safety, Polycarbonate glazing material has become increasingly popular and has taken over the role of PVC to become the most widely used clear plastic roof sheets on the market.

Not only does the closely knit MINI corrugations provide added strength to the already virtually unbreakable polycarbonate material, it provides even better reflection and refraction properties, which makes MINI corrugated sheeting the perfect choice for greenhouse roof and wall cladding.