LiteGuide GRECA Series
LiteGuide GRECA Series
LiteGuide – Though belongs to the clear polycarbonate sheet category, has additives that softens and disperses light evenly, while still retaining a very high visible light transmission rate.

Best suited for greenhouse applications and commercial skylights, as we know humans and other living organisms would all like to avoid sunburn. Also suitable for Signs and Billboards.

VULCAN GRECA (76/18) Polycarbonate profile

Our polycarbonate GRECA profile has the widest span, at 1170mm with 16 corrugations, among all VUCAN corrugated profiles, with a maximum effective covering width of 1100mm.

The trapezoid shape and structure of GRECA truly matches the GRECA metal profile commonly seen in the Americas among other countries, while also providing great structural rigidity and aesthetics, which is commonly used as patio skylights, walkway coverage among other building projects.

VULCAN GRECA polycarbonate corrugated profile has the same 76mm pitch and 18mm depth as our ROMA profile, which makes them interchangeable on the same building structure, providing additional choice and a change of taste possible at minimum cost.

LiteGuide Series

VULCAN LiteGuide filters incoming sunlight and interior lighting into soft and dispersed light, which eliminates burn on plants, vegetation, animals and human beings. The light softening properties comes from VULCAN's proprietary LiteGuide resin added to the Covestro base, and with the help of Clariant CESA Light UV and Light Stabilizers co-extruded on the surface, maximizes the lifespan of your VULCAN LiteGuide polycarbonate sheet.

Product Strengths

Base Material

VULCAN polycarbonate sheets use only 100% Virgin Covestro UV stabilizer included master-batch.

LiteGuide Material

Designed to break up and distribute light evenly, LiteGuide will reduce hot spots and diffuse light.

LiteGuide Technology

LiteGuide softens and disperses light evenly, which suits plants and flowers, which burns when encountering direct sunlight and is best avoided. LiteGuide sheets are also suitable for Signs and Billboards, which provides good aesthetics.

LiteGuide Transmission Rate

Excellent Light transmission - 88% VIS transmission rate with complete light dispersion.

LiteGuideHigh Impact Resistance

250 times the impact strength over glass and 10 times over FRP and Acrylic.

UV Resistant Coating

Co-extruded with the Base Material, the Clariant CESA Light UV and Light Stabilizers blocks harmful UV rays from 280~400nm. With co-extruded UV protection, VULCAN Polycarbonate sheets last 10 years or more.

Clean Room Manufacturing

VULCAN Sheets are produced in ISO Class 7 (FED STD 209E equivalent Class 10,000) clean room to ensure an impeccable quality.

Production Method

Co-Extrusion ensures evenly spread, evenly thick base material and UV coating.

Material Grade

Product Grade LiteGuide Light Softening sheet with CESA-Light Co-Extruded Coating
Outlook LiteGuide Diffuser Polycarbonate Resin
Base Material 100% Virgin UV Stabilized Covestro Polycarbonate resin
Warranty 10 year warranty: 5 for yellowing, and 10 year for usage under normal conditions.
*Please refer to the installation instructions and list of harmful chemicals. Failure to comply shall void warranty.
Light Transmission Rate 88%
UV Resistance Clariant CESA-Light UV and Light Stabilizers double sided co-extruded coating.
Double sided Co-Extruded coating process prolongs sheet lifespan.
Properties LiteGuide provides soft and diffused lighting, reducing direct sunlight penetration, while still maintaining high light transmission rates.
Places to Use Recommended in areas requiring abundant but lambent lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere. Also recommended on billboards and signboards.


Material Properties

Material Grade LiteGuide
Color ICE
Light Transmission Rate 88%
UV CESA-Light Co-Extruded
Included in Base Material
Warranty 10yrs (Yellowing)
10yrs (Usage)
Lighting Direct  
Shading Excellent  
IR Control Excellent  
PAR Control Excellent  


Sheet Properties

Material Typical Properties Test Method Results Remark
Tested on 1.5mm LiteGuide Sheets
Tensile Strength @yield (kgf/cm²) CNS 11335 670 Should exceed 551 (kgf/cm²)

Tensile Elongation (%)

CNS 11335 57 Should exceed 50%
Impact Strength CNS 12093 No Rupture Mean Value of 3 Specimen
Change Percentage of Yellow Index (YID) after Weathering Resistance test (1200hrs) ASTM G154 (4hrs/cycle)
UV-A (340nm): 60°c, 8hrs
Condensation: 50°c, 4hrs
ΔYI -0.49  
Visibile Light Transmittance (%) ASTM D1003 0.20  
Ultraviolet Transmittance (%) ASTM D1003 1.3  
Density (ρ) ASTM D792 1.20 g/cm³  
Burn Characteristics ASTM D635-10 Burnt portion self extinguishes after burner is removed. 10 Specimen Tested. Flame does not reach the 25mm reference mark.
Properties LiteGuide provides diffused and lambent lighting, reducing direct sunlight penetration, while still maintaining high light transmission rates.
Places to Use Specially designed for hot areas which requires lots of shade, but still need well dispersed lighting. Recommended for warehouse, patios, rainsheds, canopies, carparks, and many more.