Solarshield Heat Reduction Polycarbonate
Clear but Cool - Transparent IR Protection

Exceptional Heat Reduction - Reduce temperatures by max. 15 degrees Celsius or 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

Weathering Resistant - Lasts 15 years or more due to excellent UV protection and lower surface temperatures.

High Clarity - High Transparency + High Gloss + Low Haze
Solar Green Solar Blue

Base Material
Covestro (Bayer) UV Stabilizer Included Base Resin

Weathering Resistant
Co-Extruded Clariant UV and Light Stabilizers - UV Resistant / Weather Proof

Solarshield IR - Reflective Pigment (Blocks 99% Solar Infrared)

Interference Color (Reflection)
Light Green / Light Blue

High Transparency
High Light Transmission
Reflects Far Red Light (735nm) - Lowers Heat (Up to 15 degrees Celsius)

15 year limited warranty*

Applicable Areas
Agricultural skylights / Housing skylights / Industrial skylights / Industrial Roofing / Patios
/ Pedestian walkways / Security Glazing / Transportation Shelters / Warehouse skylights