Valuview Polycarbonate - Low haze colors offering high clarity
Valuview Series polycarbonate sheets come with four low haze colors.

Color additives are added to the mix to provide cosmetic changes while retaining ample light penetration.

VULCAN Low Haze, High Clarity Colors:
Valuview Blue
Valuview Green
Valuview Bronze
Valuview Grey
Blue Green
Bronze Gray

Base Material

Covestro (Bayer) UV Stabilizer Included Base Resin

Weathering Resistant
Co-Extruded Clariant UV and Light Stabilizers - UV Resistant / Weather Proof

Blue Pigment / Green Pigment / Bronze Pigment / Grey Pigment

Interference Color (Reflection)
Blue / Green / Bronze / Grey

Diffused Lighting
Reduced Visible Light Transmission Rate

10 year limited warranty*

Applicable Areas
Acoustic Barries / Agricultural Greenhouses / Agricultural Warehouse / Architectural Applications
/ Aquacultural Greenhouse / Car Parks /  Gardens and Flower Houses / Industrial Roofing
/ Interior Decoration / Patios / Pedestian walkways / Security Glazing / Transportation Shelters