Valuview Solid FLAT Series Valuview Solid FLAT Series Valuview Solid FLAT Series Valuview Solid FLAT Series Valuview Solid FLAT Series Valuview Solid FLAT Series
Valuview Solid FLAT Series
Polycarbonate sheets, owing to its high clarity and visible light transmission rate amongst plastic materials, are the most widely used glazing material on roofings, skylights, greenhouses and wall claddings.

Valuview Solid Flat profile sheets come in six colors -
• High VIS Clear
• High VIS Blue
• High VIS Green
• High VIS Grey
• High VIS Bronze
• Diffused Opal

VULCAN Solid FLAT Polycarbonate sheet

VULCAN Valuview SOLID Flat polycarbonate sheets keep visible light transmission rates identical to glass and allows maximum visible and solar light transmission.  Different colors can be achieved by simply adding color master-batches, which creates a whole new atmosphere to the covered area.

With time, growing knowledge, improvements in manufacturing and the constant development of proprietary additives, we have come to understand the advantages of using  polycarbonate in place of traditional glazing material.

Polycarbonate sheets are 250 times over glass, 10 times over FRP and Acrylic sheets in impact strength, in addition, its light weight, ease of installation, fireproof and weathering resistant properties make them the perfect choice as flat roofing sheets for civil construction and safety glazing.

For example, sheets 6mm and above are capable of stopping low powered rounds, and often laminated to create bulletproof glass to stop higher powered rounds or complex security threats; PC sheets can also be molded into riot shields for law enforcement.


VULCAN Valuview Series is targeted towards projects seeking optimal price versus value.

VULCAN Valuview come in 6 standard colors and fully customizable in size and length to meet your requirements.  Special colors can also be produced upon request.

For example, Valuview Solid Flat sheets is the most popular of all the clear flat roofing sheets we offer, with its transparency offering high visible light and solar transmission identical to standard clear glass, but at almost half the weight and 250 times its strength.

All VULCAN polycarbonate sheets carrying the Valuview name use 100% Virgin UV stabilized Covestro resin. As an added option, sheets can be co-extruded with Clariant CESA-Light UV and Light Stabilizers for extended lifespan and added protection against light transmission losses and yellowing caused by excessive exposure to solar radiation.

Product Strengths

Base MaterialVULCAN polycarbonate sheets use only 100% Virgin Covestro UV stabilizer included master-batch.

UV Resistant CoatingCo-extruded with the Base Material, the Clariant CESA Light UV and Light Stabilizers blocks harmful UV rays from 280~400nm. With co-extruded UV protection, VULCAN Polycarbonate sheets last 10 years or more.

Production MethodCo-Extrusion ensures evenly spread, evenly thick base material and UV coating.

Clean Room ManufacturingVULCAN Sheets are produced in ISO Class 7 (FED STD 209E equivalent Class 10,000) clean room to ensure an impeccable quality.

Light Transmission Rates

Projects which requires direct light projection
• Valuview Clear: 88%

Projects which requires reduced light projection
• Valuview Blue: 40%
• Valuview Green: 40%
• Valuview Grey: 26%
• Valuview Bronze: 25%*
​• Valuview Opal: 20%*
*Custom light transmissions are available, and subject to minimum order quantity.

Typical Characteristics of Polycarbonate (PC)

  • Extremely High Impact Resistance
  • High Resistance to Climatic Change
  • Design Flexibility
  • Fire Retardant
  • Ease of handling and Installation
  • Light weight (particularly in comparison with glass)
  • Reasonably easy to cut
  • Fair chemical resistance
  • Can be dyed

Material Grade

Product Grade Standard UV stabilized clear and colored sheets
Polycarbonate Clear Resin Polycarbonate Blue Resin Polycarbonate Green Resin Polycarbonate Bronze Resin Polycarbonate Opal Resin Polycarbonate Grey Resin
Clear Blue Green Bronze Opal Grey
Base Material

100% Virgin UV Stabilized Covestro Polycarbonate resin


10 years warranty for CESA-Light co-extruded sheets, and 1 year warranty for UV stabilized sheets
*Please refer to the installation instructions and list of harmful chemicals. Failure to comply shall void warranty.

Light Transmission Rate 88% 40% 40% 25% 20% 26%
UV Resistance Standard UV Stabilizers included in all Valuview sheets
Clariant CESA-Light co-extruded UV and Light Stabilizers coating optional
Direct Light Transmission Reduced Light Transmission
Average heat reflective properties
Places to Use
Direct Light Projection Reduced Light Projection
For projects seeking optimal price and value


Material Properties

Material Grade Valuview Series
Colors Clear Blue Green Bronze Opal Grey
Light Transmission Rate 88% 40% 40% 25% 20% 26%
UV CESA-Light Co-Extruded Optional
Included in Base Material
Warranty 10yrs (Yellowing) Only if CESA-Light Co-Extruded
10yrs (Usage) Only if CESA-Light Co-Extruded
Lighting Direct  
Shading Excellent            
IR Control Excellent            
PAR Control Excellent            


Sheet Properties

Material Typical Properties Test Method Results Remark
Tested on 3.0mm Valuview Sheets
Tensile Strength @yield (kgf/cm²) ASTM D638-10 665 Should exceed 551 (kgf/cm²)
Tensile Elongation (%) ASTM D638-10 89 Should exceed 50%
Flexural Strength (kgf/cm²) ASTM D790-10 1103 Mean Value of 5 Specimen
Compression Yield Strength (kgf/cm²) ASTM D695-10 756 Mean Value of 5 Specimen
Impact Resistance • Falling Dart
[Mean Impact Resistance (J)]
ASTM D5628-96 >26.67 Speciman did not fail when max. Impact capacity 26.67J was reached.
Change Percentage of Yellow Index (YID) after Weathering Resistance test (1200hrs)



ΔYI -0.49  
Luminous Transmittance (%) ASTM D1003-07 87  
Ultraviolet Transmittance (%) ASTM D1003 0.4  
Density (ρ) ASTM D792-08 1.19 g/cm³  
Burn Characteristics ASTM D635-10 Burnt portion self extinguishes after burner is removed. 10 Specimen Tested. Flame does not reach the 25mm reference mark.
Properties Direct / Reduced Light Transmission, with double sided CO-Extruded CESA-Light UV and Light Stabilizers to block harmful UV rays.
Places to Use For projects which requires direct light projection, seeking the highest standards and safeguard from the elements.