About VULCAN Plastics

Dating back to 1991, VULCAN established a strong foothold as a dedicated polycarbonate roof supplier and manufacturer in Taiwan. In 2007, VULCAN Plastics was established with the goal of manufacturing and exporting Polycarbonate sheets of the highest quality. With steady progress, VULCAN obtained ISO 9001 Certification in 2008. Following market trends closely and constantly in pursuit of quality and perfection, we continue to develop high-class, multi-functional Polycarbonate Sheets to satisfy customer expectations.

As a global polycarbonate sheet manufacturer, we understand customer requirements and sheets can be tailored to your specific needs. We also offer expertise on installation by using custom VULCAN accessories.
Through extensive testing, we have seen what the sun and excessive heat does to a poor product. VULCAN uses only 100% Virgin, non-recycled material to ensure the lifespan of all our products, which in turn ensures the longevity of your projects. VULCAN offers a variety of proprietary material aimed for different purposes and can also be tailored to meet customer demands.

We are the first Polycarbonate manufacturer in Asia to incorporate clean rooms for all of our extrusion lines. Our machines are enclosed in ISO Class 7 (FED STD 209E equivalent Class 10,000) clean rooms.

The VULCAN Commitment

​VULCAN Polycarbonate (PC) sheets use only 100% Virgin UV stabilized material from Covestro (formerly Bayer Material Science – Makrolon), Sabic (formerly GE – Lexan) and Mitsubishi.

Only by using 100% Virgin material we are able to guarantee quality and warrant our products for 10 years and more.
Using 100% Virgin material is the only way to retain its excellent properties such as durability and high-impact resistance.
Polycarbonate sheets made with recycled material or when blended with PET, tend to lose its strength and clarity in less than 6 six months, and should best be avoided.




Warranty Policy

VULCAN Polycarbonate (PC) UV co-extruded sheets are produced using only the best materials. We provide the following upon ordering.




  • Warranty Certificate
  • Inspection Certificate
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Specific Test Certificates can be provided upon request



Product advantages


10 Year Limited Warranty

Weathering Resistance

Double layered, co-Extruded Avient CESA-Light UV and Light Stabilizers Protection

Shatter Proof

250 times the impact strength over glass
10 times over FRP and Acrylic

IR Reflection

Less cooling requiredLower power consumption

Self Extinguishing


Pre 1991

Began importing polycarbonate sheets from Japan for building projects which are mostly used mostly windows and patio skylights.

Purchased polycarbonate co-extruders for mass production. Our PC sheets were mainly sold through distribution channels in Taiwan or used on our own building projects.




Post 1991


Vulcan Plastics was established as a separate segment targeting international markets. Rtarting the Middle East.




Recieived ISO9001 certification.
Ti-Lite Series introduced.



LiteGuide Series introduced.




 ‧ Set up In-House laboratory.
 ‧ Began exporting to the Americas



 ‧ Began development of Pearly series.
 ‧ Purchased Breyer co-extruder; producing solid and embossed in single or double-sided UV coated configurations.

 ‧ Breyer machine fully setup and functional.
 ‧ Pearly officially launched and introduced to customers.



 ‧ Began development of Solarshield.
 ‧ Collaborated with ITR1 and KISR to build experimental green- houses using Vulcan Solarshield.

Collaborated with BAPI and AFAN (KW) on experimental Pearly sheet covered greenhouses.



VULCAN sheets were selected and used on King Khaled’s green houses in Al-Kharj, Riyadh, KSA.




Attended our firstoverseas exhibition – Philcon struct in Manila,The Philippines.






 ‧ Introduced Vulcan Pearly, Gen 2.
 ‧ After 6 years of research, development and testing – Solarshield solid flat sheet specifications are finalized and officially launched.

Exhibition Attendance: 
 ‧ Archidex Expo Malaysia.   ‧ Cambuild Expo Cambodia.
‧ Architect Expo Thailand.   ‧ Myanbuild Expo Myanmar.
 ‧ Philconstruct Expo Philippines.   ‧ Indobuildtech Expo Indonesia.


Moving towards a brighter future.


D-U-N-S Certificate