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ROMA Polycarbonate Roofing Panel

ROMA polycarbonate roofing panel matches ROMA metal roofings worldwide, a perfect polycarbonate roofing panel with superior properties. Following is the introduction of VULCAN Polycarbonate Corrugated ROMA.

VULCAN Polycarbonate Corrugated ROMA(76/18) Profile

VULCAN ROMA polycarbonate roofing panel profile has a 76mm pitch and 18mm depth, span 1060mm wide and an affective coverage of 1000mm.

ROMA is one of the most common polycarbonate roofing panel profiles on the market, compatible with many metal roofings throughout many countries, and in all, an outstanding profile that offers superior physical properties and good refractive properties.

That being said, ROMA profile can be designed as a polycarbonate roofing panel as well as a wall cladding panel.  One of the biggest advantages of ROMA polycarbonate roofing panel is its arch shape.  The oldest existing arch bridge dates as far back as 1300 BC and the curved “arch” design is still utilized until this day; reason being this rounded arch design creates a very stable condition due to the falling forces on the right and left side being equal when pushed against each other with the same amount of pressure.  Combined with the superior flexural and tensile properties of polycarbonate, creates an extremely strong and reliable polycarbonate roofing panel and wall cladding panel.

With the already high refractive index of clear polycarbonate material, and added reflection and refraction properties from the curved shape of the ROMA profile, ROMA profile roofing sheets are one of the best choices for greenhouse projects and areas which require indirect light penetration.

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