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Multiwall Polycarbonate Hollow Profiles

Polycarbonate sheets that come in more than layer can be categorized as multi-wall (hollow) profiles. Other than its exceptional weight to strength ratio, virtually unbreakable characteristics, being the clearest of glazing materials, and ease of handling and installation; the biggest advantage over single layered profile is its thermal insulation properties, which can reach as much as 60% more over single layered glass.

The basic structure of a polycarbonate twin-wall hollow sheet involves two layers of thin flat sheets which are connected by vertical ribs of the same material.  Triple-wall profiles have three layers which are also connected by vertical ribs.  Vulcan Multi-wall polycarbonate hollow profiles go all the way up to four layers.

Named after honeybee’s nests, our honeycomb profile polycarbonate hollow sheets, though categorized as double-wall, in place of vertical ribs, have multiple interconnected hexagonal shaped profiles stacked in between the two layers.  This adds exceptional strength to the sheet without adding too much weight.  The thermal insulation properties of honeycomb profiles are also better compared to double-wall hollow sheets of same thicknesses due to each hexagonal structure acting as a separate insulation chamber.

As with all of our polycarbonate sheets, multi-wall hollow profiles are co-extruded using 100% virgin polycarbonate resin and coated with weathering resistant UV and Light Stabilizers.


VULCAN Polycarbonate Hollow Profiles are categorized as follows.

VULCAN Polycarbonate Twinwall (Double Wall) Hollow Profiles

VULCAN Polycarbonate Triplewall (Three Layer) Hollow Profiles

VULCAN Polycarbonate Quad-wall (Four Layer) Hollow Profiles

VULCAN Polycarbonate Honeycomb (Double Layer) Hollow Profiles