Discover the VULCAN diversity

This building is an epitome of applicable areas for VULCAN building materials. Moving the curser over the building will highlight areas suitable for polycarbonate sheet installation. For further information, click and choose between possible applications and functions.

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Roof and Covers

Vulcan Offers a wide range of products for all kinds of roofing areas. Depending on covered area and environment, we can suggest the most suitable solution. Our products can be applied to flat or curved surfaces, with either natural daylight, different types of shade, colors and heat-reflecting materials to choose from.


With 200 times the impact resistant of glass at only half the weight and virtually unbreakable, polycarbonate sheet provides a safe and discreet environment and is the best choice for window applications at areas requiring security and privacy.

Interior Design

Vulcan PC sheets can be tailored to match interiors or any desired color. Our embossed profile increase haze and opacity to create privacy, and sheets above 10mm are suitable for sound barriers, skate rinks, backboards, or shields.


Vulcan products are designed to be used on the construction of transparent or translucent facades. Products can be used on various applications such as civil contruction, agricultural or horticultural projects. Panels can be tailored to meet specific requirements and construction methods.

Sign and Display

Polycarbonate is the perfect material for indoor, outdoor signages and illuminated displays. PC displays are durable and can endure the stress of heavy usage without damage and can be made or painted in a wide array of colors and materials. Its electrical insulation properties makes PC a safer material to use on signs or light boxes involving electricity.