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Four wall (Four Layer) Hollow Polycarbonate sheet

Four-Wall Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet

Four-wall hollow polycarbonate sheets are also known as four-layer hollow polycarbonate sheets and part of the Multi-Wall Hollow Polycarbonate sheet category.  The structure of a four-wall hollow polycarbonate sheet can been seen as three pieces of twin-wall (double wall) polycarbonate hollow sheets stacked together, a total of four thin layers of flat sheets, connected by vertical ribs of the same material.

Four-wall hollow polycarbonate sheets excels at its high weight to strength ratio, and its hollow structure makes it capable of achieving a smaller cold bend radius when compared to other glazing materials of the same thickness, making it a great choice for wall cladding, façades, or single pane skylight coverings.

Additional Thermal Insulation Properties

VULCAN four-layer polycarbonate hollow sheets are also provide exceptional thermal insulation properties. The multi-layered, gridlocked structure minimizes heat transfer, trapping air within the channels, creating a low emissivity effect; all of which is achieved without the help of additional coatings or chemical additives.

Main Benefits

• Exceptional Thermal Insulation Properties
• Light Weight
• High Impact strength
• High Light transmission Rate
• Excellent Weathering Resistance
• Co-Extruded UV and Light Stabilizer Coating
• Easy to Handle, Install, and Maintain