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PolyXpand Valley Fixing Fasteners

Polycarbonate Valley Fixing Fasteners

POLYXPAND™ Valley Fixing Fasteners is shorter in length and designed to be used at the valleys of corrugated profiles when the skylights are used as wall claddings, and can also be used on VULCAN Solid and Embossed Flat sheet profiles.

Different only in length from POLYXPAND™ Crest Fixing Fasteners, the valley fixing POLYXPAND™ creates a nominal 10mm diameter thermal expansion hole with the winged drilling tip which is then covered with a large domed BAZ washer to provide a perfect seal against the elements and superior strength against high winds.

The Importance of Using Dedicated Screws and Fasteners to fix Polycarbonate Sheets

Check out the following informative picture and video rich articles the advantages of using correct polycarbonate fasteners, how to correctly install, and NOT to damage your polycarbonate sheets and fasteners during installation.

VULCAN POLYFAST & POLYXPAND™ are designed to work seamlessly with VULCAN Polycarbonate sheets.  Consult VULCAN or your local dealer before using any non-conforming accessories. Failure to do so could result in damaging VULCAN Polycarbonate sheets and void warranty.