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Proudly  Made in Taiwan

Who we are

Vulcan is dedicated to manufacturing and developing polycarbonate sheets at the highest level.  We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and also offer expertise on functionality, installation and maintenance to ensure its longevity and maximize performance.


To ensure the longevity of your beloved projects, Vulcan polycarbonate sheets use only 100% Virgin, non-recycled material to ensure the lifespan of all our products. We are also the first Polycarbonate manufacturer in Asia to incorporate Class 5000 clean rooms for our extrusion lines. At Vulcan, quality precedes in every way, any day. Why compromise?


Polycarbonate, the clearest of all plastics, can be customized to work in various conditions, with the help of proprietary additives and coatings, interior and exterior. Vulcan works closely with customers in developing proprietary materials and new products.


With years of experience in manufacturing and product development, Vulcan understand your needs and is more than willing to provide support the best we can.


Vulcan Polycarbonate sheets and accessories are designed and manufactured for longevity and to cope with even the most extreme environment.


Our lab is capable of performing a series of tests and analysis on raw materials and final products. We offer free evaluation service for customers to validate product quality and authenticity to build trust and credibility.


Vulcan offers high quality accessories which are designed to work seamlessly with VULCAN Polycarbonate sheets, providing maximum protection and prevent damages during installation.