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GRECA Roof Sheets

The VULCAN GRECA polycarbonate corrugated profile is a widely recognized and utilized material. The trapezoid shape and structure of GRECA truly matches the GRECA metal profile commonly seen in the Americas among other countries. GRECA roof sheets are renowned for their exceptional combination of structural rigidity and aesthetic appeal, making them a favored choice in various construction projects.

Applications of GRECA Roof Sheets

GRECA roof sheets are frequently employed in a variety of applications, most notably as patio skylights and walkway covers. GRECA roof sheets offer a durable and weather-resistant solution that provides both protection and a visually pleasing aspect to the structure.

Size of GRECA Roof Sheets

Our GRECA polycarbonate sheet profile has the widest span among all VULCAN corrugated profiles, measuring 1170mm with 16 corrugations, and a maximum effective covering width of 1100mm.

Flexible Choices with GRECA and ROMA Sheets

VULCAN GRECA polycarbonate sheet corrugated profile has the same 76mm pitch and 18mm depth as our ROMA profile, which makes them interchangeable on the same building structure, providing additional choice and a change of taste possible at minimum cost.

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