Polycarbonate Coatings & Additives

VULCAN Proprietary Coatings & Additives

Polycarbonate sheets can be tweaked to include additional properties with the help of different coatings or additives, and which VULCAN is proud to present a few. 

First and foremost, is extending the lifespan of polycarbonate sheets and protecting it against the elements, or weathering, so to speak.  Among the elements, Ultraviolet UV radiation is their durability, translates to the sun radiation being less damaging to PC sheets in winter than in summer.  Therefore, it is imperative to add a UV cap layer on the surface of the polycarbonate sheet.

We pride ourselves in working with renowned companies worldwide, in addition to the knowledge and experience accumulated over the years, developing and testing proprietary materials that provide extra properties such as solar selectivity, Infrared Reflection (NIR), PAR (Photosynthetically active radiation) control, abrasion resistant treatment for special purposes and environments, and the most important of all, to meet demands and requirements of customers.