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As much as we love and need sunlight in architecture and horticulture; we dislike the oppressive heat it can bring to closed spaces. Conventional shading systems diminish the transmission of light while they reduce the energy of the solar radiation.

What’s the solution to this problem? – A shading system for glazing based on selectivity that allows the sun’s light to pass indoors while keeping its heat outdoors.

VUCAN Pearly Polycarbonate reflect the sunlight’s invisible heat radiation while allowing the majority of visible light to pass.

What is selectivity? – The relationship of light transmittance to the total solar transmittance.

VUCAN offers the perfect solution.  Whether for skylights, greenhouses, blinds or conservatories, as a translucent heat reflecting pigment, VULCAN Pearly Polycarbonate allow selective transmission of the incident solar radiation, which is coupled with additional extra weathering resistant coating.