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VULCAN TRIMDEK (190/27) Polycarbonate sheet Profile

VULCAN TRIMDEK polycarbonate sheet matches closely to the TRIMDEK metal roofing profile used in Taiwan, most Asian countries and Oceania countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

The biggest difference between VULCAN TRIMDEK profile compared to your standard, off-the-shelf, Trimdek profiles, is our proprietary design at the valleys.

We all know that water, dust and all types of debris tend to accumulate at the lowest center of gravity, and with time, can diminish the overall performance of the covered area, not to mention the ruined aesthetics when seen from the outside.

Here at VULCAN, we have found the perfect resolution by adding our signature low profile four fast-drain channels to the four 131mm valleys in between crests for better drainage.

The tall and angular crest corrugations combined with additional shorter crests at the valleys creates a very industrialized look, making TRIMDEK polycarbonate profile a very popular choice when building factory or warehouse facilities.