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VULCAN FLAT Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets Profile

“Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication”

Leonardo da Vinci

What looks simple on the outside, may not be so simple on the inside. Some say that solid flat polycarbonate sheets are the product that requires only one-time processing, some say that it is simply a process of extruding polycarbonate from liquid form to solid panels, and some might even compare it to money printing, with fresh, crisp sheets cashing out with each drop of the blade.

VULCAN FLAT Polycarbonate Sheets Profiles can be split into two subcategories – SOLID FLAT and SOLID EMBOSSED Profiles.

SOLID FLAT polycarbonate sheets

SOLID FLAT polycarbonate sheets with optical clarity, high luminous transmittance, low haze factor, plus low distortion can only be achieved when careful preparations are made and executed before, during, and after production. -The thicker the sheet, the harder it is to achieve optical clarity and minimal distortion.

VULCAN Polycarbonate SOLID FLAT roofing sheets are manufactured to the highest standards possible, with glass-like smoothness and clarity in mind.  Other than being used as flat roofing sheets, our extra-thick 12mm or 15mm sheets are often used on civil construction projects such as sound barriers or sports stadium glazing.

SOLID EMBOSSED polycarbonate sheets

Another variation of VULCAN Polycarbonate SOLID FLAT roofing sheets are the SOLID EMBOSSED sheets profile, the difference is having an embossed, or frosted surface texture, which is created with the use of an embossed extrusion die. The embossed surface creates a light-diffusing effect underneath the covered area, but retains the matte, textured outlook when viewed from different angles.

Ultra-Thin SOLID FLAT polycarbonate sheets

Ultra-Thin SOLID FLAT polycarbonate sheets are targeted towards a different audience. Where standard VULCAN solid flat sheets are mainly used on building and construction, our Thin Solid Flat roofing sheets are used on smaller applications such as face masks, toy covers or shells, and more.

As usual, VULCAN Ultra-Thin SOLID FLAT polycarbonate sheets are manufactured to the highest standards, with glass-like smoothness and clarity in mind.  Our flat roofing sheets retain high luminous transmittance, low haze factor, plus low distortion properties as all of our other polycarbonate products.

Both the SOLID FLATEMBOSSED ,and Ultra-Thin profiles can be cold-bent to shape and fixed to curved structures or façades, or hot-formed to dome polycarbonate skylight covering for commercial and industrial applications.

For security purposes, sheets above 6mm are capable of stopping low-powered rounds, and often laminated to create bulletproof glass to stop higher-powered rounds or complex security threats; PC sheets can also be molded into riot shields for law enforcement.

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