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Twinwall (Double Wall) Hollow Polycarbonate sheet

Twinwall Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet

Twin-wall hollow polycarbonate sheets are also known as double-wall hollow polycarbonate sheets. The basic structure of a polycarbonate twin-wall hollow sheet involves two layers of thin flat sheets which are connected by vertical ribs of the same material.

Twinwall Hollow Profile Introduction

Twin-wall hollow polycarbonate sheets can be seen as a light weight alternative to solid flat polycarbonate sheets.  Its hollow structure makes the weight difference compared to solid flat sheets exponential, but still retains its tensile strength when bent in line with the ribs.

Main Benefits

• Great thermal insulation properties
• Lighter weight than solid panels
• Excellent rigidity and impact resistance
• Available with a variety of color and light transmission options
• Superior structural durability
• Weather and UV resistant
• Blocks virtually all UV radiation
• Easy to handle and install