Polycarbonate Corrugated Roof Screws Accessories

VULCAN accessories are designed to work seamlessly with VULCAN Polycarbonate sheets, providing maximum protection and prevent damages during and after installation.

POLYFAST & POLYXPAND™ skylight fixing fasteners are designed to create a much-required thermal expansion hole on plastic roofing materials and then securely fastened onto the purlin underneath in one-go.

POLYFAST & POLYXPAND™ Crest Fixing Fasteners can be used on all kinds of plastic glazing material and especially effective when used as a polycarbonate corrugated roof screws, with its length designed to accommodate the crest height of our ROMA and GRECA profiles. POLYFAST is offered in two varieties - fixing to metal and fixing to timber.

PolyFast Crest Fixing Fasteners - For Metal Battens

• PolyFast Crest Fixing Fasteners - For Timber Battens

• PolyXpand Crest Fixing Fasteners

POLYXPAND™ Valley Fixing Fasteners is shorter in length and designed to be used at the valleys of corrugated profiles when the skylights are used as wall claddings, and can also be used on VULCAN SOLID and EMBOSSED Flat sheet profiles.

PolyXpand Valley Fixing Fasteners

VULCAN Eaves Infill Foam Strips is made of high quality, high density EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate), and formed to fit different VULCAN Polycarbonate Corrugated profiles.  Unlike competitor's products, our foam strips are much denser, have a higher Shore A hardness, and can effectively seal off the ends of the sheets, keeping the enclosed area from dust and debris.