SOLID FLAT Polycarbonate

VULCAN Solid FLAT shaped profile

VULCAN Solid Flat profiles can be seen as the best option for polycarbonate flat roofing glazing or windows, widely used on commercial building and civil construction projects.

Our sheets come in a full range of customizable thicknesses, from 1.6mm to 15mm, and maximum width of 2100mm.  The thinner the sheet, the lighter the structure it is required to support.  Thicker sheets offer extra strength and sound insulation, which is important for high rain, snow and hail areas, and also offer added security to the premises.  All of our sheets can be double sided, UV co-extruded to prolong lifespan and resistance to harmful solar radiation.

Below is a list of polycarbonate materials, additives, and colors to choose from. For detailed introduction and comparison between them, please click on the links below, which will direct you to the corresponding page on our website.

Detailed Introduction for each material

Solarshield -

LiteGuide -

Pearly -

Ti-Lite -

Valuview -

Detailed comparison of the materials and its properties