LiteGuide Polycarbonate  - Diffused Indirect Lighting
LiteGuide Polycarbonate - Diffused Indirect Lighting
Designed to break up and distribute light evenly, LiteGuide will reduce hot spots and diffuse light, which suits plants and flowers, where burns when encountering direct sunlight is best avoided.

All of this is achieved while still maintaining a close to polycarbonate clear sheet visible light transmission rate.

LiteGuide sheets are also suitable for Signs and Billboards, which provides good aesthetics.

Base Material
Covestro (Bayer) UV Stabalizer Included Base Resin

Weathering Resistant
Co-Extruded Clariant UV and Light Stabilizers - UV Resistant / Weather Proof

LiteGuide - light diffuser

Interference Color (Reflection)

Light Diffusing
Indirect Light Transmission
Soft Diffused Lighting

10 year limited warranty*

Applicable Areas
Agricultural skylights / Housing skylights / Industrial skylights / Industrial Roofing / Patios
/ Pedestian walkways / Security Glazing / Transportation Shelters / Warehouse skylights