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Patio Roofing Options

Patio Roofing Options

When it comes to polycarbonate patio roofing, there are quite a few options available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, but the types of material structures listed below can all be covered with polycarbonate sheets to enchance its properties. The choice often depends on factors such budget, the climate in the area, and aesthetic preferences. Here are some common patio roofing options:

  • Pergolas:
    • Pergolas are basically a standalone Patio structure, an open-air structure with a framework of vertical posts or pillars that support cross-beams made with either steel, wood, or aluminum.
    • Pros: Provides partial shade, allows for good airflow, and has an aesthetically pleasing design.

  • Aluminum Patio:
    • Aluminum patios are durable structures that requires low maintenance, resistant to rust and insects, and can withstand various weather conditions. Aluminum is also easy to powder coat and offers a lot of aesthetically pleasing color options.
Aluminum Patio_01
Aluminum Patio_02

  • Wooden Patio:
    • Wooden structures, depending on which part of the globe you are living, can be easier to obtain, and add a natural and warm aesthetic to your patio. Wood though require regular maintenance, is very customizable, can be stained or painted, and provides good insulation.
Wooden Patio_01
Wooden Patio_02

  • Metal Patio:
    • Steel metal patio structures are praised for its durability and longevity.  Metal structures are very robust, easy to obtain, fire-resistant, low maintenence requirements, and easily be painted to different colors.
Metal Patio_01
Metal Patio_02

Regardless of the type of patio roofing options you choose, VULCAN Polycarbonate always has the perfect solution to meet the type of design, the desired affect (high light transmission rate, better shade, temperature reduction, you name it!), to fit your budget.

Below is a list of properties combination Vulcan Polycarbonate sheets have to offer:

Aside from the huge selection of physical and aesthetic properties, Vulcan polycarbonate sheets also offer different profile options to choose from.

Corrugated Polycarbonate

Multiwall Hollow Polycarbonate

Solid Flat or Embossed Polycarbonate

VULCAN offers the most lucrative polycarbonate patio roofing option options – we have you covered. Before deciding on a patio roofing option, consider your specific needs, climate conditions, and budget. It may also be helpful to consult with a professional to ensure that the chosen option is suitable for your patio and complements your home’s architecture.

Contact your nearest dealer or us for more information and details on choosing the most suitable patio roofing option.