Clear Pergola Roofing | The Benefits of PC Pergola Roof Panels

What are Polycarbonate Pergolas

Pergolas are normally an addition to an existing structure, either freestanding or attached to a home, which is used to cover a patio area.  Pergolas normally consists of parallel columns that hold an open roof or beam grid, rafters, lattice, or subframes.  Depending on which part of the world you are at, pergola structures are made of either timber, lightweight aluminum or steel. Polycarbonate clear roof panels for pergola are one of the most versatile and commonly used among color choices.

Typical usage of pergola clear roof panels

The typical usage of pergolas is usually for relaxation, dining, entertaining, most of the times a bit all at the same time.  The time of day a pergola is used and weather conditions involved directly affects the choice of covering material.  For areas where rain is scarce throughout the year, and is mostly used later in the afternoon with little to no sunlight, there might not even be any need for covering.

However, the majority of areas are affected by the elements, be it rain, wind or shine, which means that roof panels for pergola are normally required.  Again, the choice of material and colors is crucial to making the area underneath the pergolas as comfortable as can be.

Pergola roof panels come in various materials and colors, with polycarbonate sheets being the material of choice in recent years.  One could say that polycarbonate sheets are built to mate with pergola as roof panels, the reason being its light weight, versatility, being shatterproof and virtually unbreakable, ease of installation, transportation and maintenance, clarity, long lifespan and more.

Benefits of using clear roof panels for pergola

Clear roof panels for pergolas are probably the most versatile of all color choices, and is the best choice for areas without ample sunlight throughout the year.  Polycarbonate clear sheets allow close to 90% of visible light transmission while still retaining its original properties.  Polycarbonate clear roof panels for pergola also have hazing properties which reduce glare under direct sunlight, making the covered area a bit more comfortable.  For even more glare reduction and   Having pergola clear roof panels also mean that in the evening, you get to enjoy a clear, unobstructed view of the star-studded skies.

Tolerate Extreme Weather

For a start, Vulcan Polycarbonate sheets are all protected from harmful UV rays by co-extruding CESA-Light UV & Light Stabilizers by the renowned master-batch company, Avient.  Being co-extruded means that sheets are protected by an even layer of CESA-Light UV coating, ensuring there are no weak spots across the surface of the sheets, therefore prolonging its lifespan.  Being UV coated also means that anything within the covered area of the polycarbonate pergola clear roof panels is blocked from harmful UV radiation, therefore protected against breakage, chalking and discoloration of the end articles (expensive furniture for example).

Easy to Maintain

If you’re wondering how to maintain clarity of clear roof panels for pergolas, it is actually very simple. Maintaining clear roof panels for pergola is as simple as using clean, lukewarm water to wash off any dust or debris.  Mild, neutral detergent can also be used if pergola clear roof panels are extremely dirty.

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