Solarshield Solid FLAT Series
Solarshield Solid FLAT Series
Solarshield Properties
• High Visible Light Transmission Rate - Identical to glass
• Up to 90% Infrared Block
• Exceptional Heat Reduction - Max. 15 °C / 59 °F
• UV Resistant Polycarbonate
• Low Surface Temperature
• Limited 15 Year Warranty
• High VIS + Low Haze

Two color choices
• Solar Green
• Solar Blue

VULCAN Solid FLAT UV Resistant Polycarbonate sheet

Solarshield SOLID Flat sheets is made from UV resistant polycarbonate material plus IR (Infrared) blocking additives.

Even with Solarshield additives, this UV resistant polycarbonate Solid FLAT sheet keeps visible light transmission rates identical to clear glass, and is also  capable of reflecting infrared induced heat by 99% and reduce temperatures to max. 15 °C / 59 °F.  

With time, growing knowledge, improvements in manufacturing and the constant development of proprietary additives, we have come to understand the advantages of using polycarbonate in place of traditional glazing material.

Polycarbonate sheets are 250 times over glass, 10 times over FRP and Acrylic sheets in impact strength, in addition, its light weight, ease of installation, fireproof and weathering resistant properties make them the perfect choice for civil construction and safety glazing.

For example, sheets 6mm and above are capable of stopping low powered rounds, and often laminated to create bulletproof glass to stop higher powered rounds or complex security threats; PC sheets can also be thermoformed into riot shields for law enforcement, and polycarbonate domes for skylights.

Basic product specifications of Vulcan Solarshield SOLID FLAT Series

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Solarshield - Transparent IR Protection

VULCAN Solarshield comes in two colors, Greenish and Blue, and is an inorganic, nano-structured, IR-protection based pigment designed as a solar heat protection application.

Solarshield attenuates longer wavelength heat-producing infrared radiation very effectively through reflection, but at the same time, retains high clarity, virtually unnoticeable compared to standard VULCAN Valuview Clear sheets.  

When co-Extruded with UV and light stabilizers hence becoming a weathering, UV resistant polycarbonate sheet, there is no risk of IR-protection loss, nor does it change color over time.

One of the biggest advantages of Solarshield polycarbonate solid flat sheets when compared to other plastic glazing material with heat reduction properties is that Solarshield blocks and reflects IR, not absorb.

This means that, while older technology such as TiO2 coated sheets absorbs solar radiation and increases the temperature of the whole material, Solarshield sheets remains at a cool and steady temperature. 

For high coefficient of thermal expansion rates on materials such as plastics, this provides a huge advantage as less thermal expansion and contraction translates to longer lifespan of the material, which is why we provide a limited 15-year warranty VULCAN Solarshield Solid Flat sheets.

Product Strengths

Solarshield MaterialSolarshield is an IR-reflection additive that is designed to work with polycarbonate sheets as a solar heat protection application that attenuates longer wavelength heat-producing infrared radiation very effectively through reflection.Reflected IR means that surface temperatures of the PC sheets remains low, which prolongs the lifespan of the sheet.  VULCAN Solarshield comes with a 15-year limited warranty*.Solarshield TechnologySolarshield is an inorganic, nano-structured pigment clear transparent in polycarbonate. Being weathering stable means no loss of IR-protection during weathering.Excellent Heat Reflective PropertiesExcellent Heat Reflection - Controlled NIR (780~2500nm) - Capable of reducing temperatures up to 10°c* in a ventilated environment.Light Transmission RateExcellent Light transmission - Controlled VIS (380~780nm) - 40% light transmission rate.High Impact Resistance250 times the impact strength over glass and 10 times over FRP and Acrylic.Base MaterialVULCAN UV resistant polycarbonate sheets use only 100% Virgin Covestro UV stabilizer included master-batch.Total UV ProtectionCo-extruded with the Base Material, Clariant CESA Light UV and Stabilizers blocks harmful UV rays from 280~400nm. With CESA Light coating, VULCAN UV resistant Polycarbonate sheets are able to last 15 years or more.Clean Room Manufacturing
VULCAN UV resistant polycarbonate sheets are produced in ISO Class 7 (FED STD 209E equivalent Class 10,000) clean rooms to ensure impeccable quality.
Production Method
Co-Extrusion ensures evenly spread, evenly thick base material and UV coating.
*Certain conditions may apply.

Material Grade

Product Grade Polycarbonate with Solarshield Technology 
Vulcan Solarshield SOLID FLAT Green  Vulcan Solarshield SOLID FLAT Blue
Base Material 100% Virgin UV Stabilized Covestro Polycarbonate resin

15-year limited warranty.
*Please refer to the installation instructions and list of harmful chemicals. Failure to comply shall void warranty.

Light Transmission Rate 40% Visible Light Transmission Rate
UV Resistance

Clariant CESA-Light co-extruded UV and Light Stabilizers.

Properties Solarshield is an Infrared (IR) reflective material that has an effect similar to low emissivity (Low-E) glass, but at a fraction of the cost. Solarshield effectively reflects IR but still retains a very high light transmission rate.
Places to Use Suitable for areas which require all-day visibility, but still effectively block heat during a bright sunny day.


Material Properties

Material Grades Solarshield
Color Solar Green
Light Transmission Rate 40%
UV UV400 Co-Extruded
Included in Raw Material  
Warranty 5yrs (Yellowing)  
10yrs (Usage)
Lighting Direct
Shading Excellent  
IR Control Excellent
PAR Control Excellent  


Sheet Properties

Material Typical Properties Test Method Results Remark
Tested on 5.5mm Solarshield Solid Flat Sheets
Tensile Strength @yield (kgf/cm²) ASTM D638 671 Should exceed 551 (kgf/cm²)

Tensile Elongation (%)

ASTM D638-10 81% Should exceed 50 (%)

Tensile Modulus (kgf/cm²)

ASTM D638-10 24649  
Mean Impact Resistance by Falling Dart (J) ASTM D5628-96 >26.67 NO FAILURE @ MAX IMPACT CAPACITY (26.67J)
Near Infrared Cutoff (%) ASTM E903-12 85.15 800nm~2500nm
Change Percentage of Yellow Index (YID) after Weathering Resistance test (1200hrs)



1.05 YID should be less than 6.0 for colored sheets. No cracks or separation of the polymer should occur.
LUMINOUS TRANSMITTANCE (%) ASTM D1003-13 51.10 360~780nm
HAZE TRANSMITTANCE (%) ASTM D1003-11e1 2.49  
Ultraviolet Transmittance (%) ASTM E903-12















Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) EDTM - WE2500


The ratio of the total solar radiation transmitted by a given material relative to transmitted by 3mm thick clear glass, whose light transmission rate is 87%.
Burn Characteristics
ASTM D635-10

Does not reach or pass the 25 (mm) reference mark.

Mean Value of 10 Specimen
Properties Solarshield is an Infrared (IR) reflective material that has an effect similar to low emissivity (Low-E) glass, but at a fraction of the cost.  Solarshield effectively reflects IR but still retains a very high light transmission rate.
Places to Use Suitable for areas which requires all-day visibility, but still effectively blocks heat during a bright sunny day.