Pearly Series Polycarbonate master-batch – Controls heat producing Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) and Visible Light Transmission (VIS) wavelengths.

Unwanted solar radiation wavelengths are filtered out, allowing cool, diffused Green light and Near Infrared (NIR) to pass through.

VULCAN Solid EMBOSSED Polycarbonate sheet Profile

VULCAN Solid EMBOSSED Polycarbonate sheet has all the properties of standard Solid Flat sheets but with additional light diffusing features.

The embossed texture targets users requiring softened, indirect light exposure and is most often used as interior wall claddings, windows, or skylights.

VULCAN Polycarbonate Solid EMBOSSED sheets come in sheets and rolls, and is customizable.


VULCAN Pearly has been designed as a solar heat protection application that attenuates longer wavelength heat-producing infrared radiation very effectively through reflection, but at the same time, allowing a high percentage of cool, diffused GREEN light to pass through.  

Pearly have particle sizes in the range of 10~60μm, and is suitable for general-purpose infrared blocking applications.

Pearly reflects rather than absorbs heat producing far-red solar radiation without affecting the transmittance of the GREEN spectrum, and retains cool, diffused GREEN light.

This makes it easier to control the climate, particularly in the summer, and maintain optimum room temperature.*
*A large proportion of the heat inducing far-red light is reflected.

Product Strengths

Pearly Material
Designed as a solar heat protection application that attenuates longer wavelength heat-producing infrared radiation very effectively through reflection, but at the same time, retains cool, diffused GREEN light.
Pearly Technology
With particle sizes ranging from 10~60μm, Pearly;is suitable for general-purpose infrared blocking applications.
Light Transmission Rate
Controlled VIS (380~780nm) Excellent shading Properties - 40% visible light transmission rate.
Excellent Shading Properties Perfect for living organisms. Heat Reflective Properties
Controlled NIR (780~2500nm) Capable of reducing temperatures up to 10°c*.
*Certain conditions may apply.
Base Material VULCAN polycarbonate sheets use only 100% Virgin Covestro UV stabilizer included master-batch.UV Protective Coating
Co-Extrusion ensures that an evenly spread UV protective layer cap is added on to of the polycarbonate base material.
Clariant UV and Light stabilizers blocks 99.5% of harmful UV wavelengths between 290nm~400nm.
With co-extruded UV protection, VULCAN Polycarbonate sheets are able to last 10 years or more.
Clean Room Manufacturing
VULCAN Sheets are produced in ISO Class 7 (FED STD 209E equivalent Class 10,000) clean rooms to ensure impeccable quality.

Material Grade

Product Grade  Polycarbonate UV co-extruded sheets with Pearly coating
Outlook Pearly Green Polycarbonate Resin
Color Pearly Red Pearly Green
Raw Material 100% Virgin Covestro UV Stabilized Polycarbonate Resin
Performance Coating Pearly PAR selective coating
Warranty 10 year warranty: 5 for yellowing, and 10 year for usage under normal conditions.
*Please refer to the installation instructions and list of harmful chemicals. Failure to comply shall void warranty.
Light Transmission Rate 73% 65%
UV Protection Clariant CESA-Light UV and Light Stabilizers block 99% of harmful UV rays. Double layered, Co-Extruded coating process ensures a longer lifespan compared with other product brands.
Properties Pearly Series sheets reflects NIR while letting most of the visible light through, which serves as the perfect material for greenhouse plants in tropical and subtropical countries.
Places to Use Housing, Interiors, places with living organisms 

Material Properties

Material Grades Pearly Series
Color Pearl Lilac
UV CESA-Light Co-Extruded
Included in Base Material
Warranty 5yrs (Yellowing)
10yrs (Usage)
Lighting Direct    
Shading Excellent  
IR Control Excellent
PAR Control Excellent

Sheet Properties

Material Typical Properties Test Method Results Remark
Tested on 1.5mm Pearly Sheets
Tensile Strength @yield (kgf/cm²) CNS 11335 667 Should exceed 551 (kgf/cm²)
Tensile Elongation (%) CNS 11335 47 Mean Value of 3 Specimen
Impact Strength CNS 12093 No Rupture Mean Value of 3 Specimen
Change Percentage of Yellow Index (YID) after Weathering Resistance test (1200hrs)



ΔYI -0.49 Measured Wavelength
Visible Light Transmittance (%) ASTM D1003 30  
Ultraviolet Transmittance (%) ASTM D1003 0.9  
Density (ρ) ASTM D792 1.19 g/cm³  
Burn Characteristics CNS 12093 Burnt portion self extinguishes after burner is removed. 10 Specimen Tested. Does Not Reach 25mm Reference Mark.
Heat Reflective Properties
JIS R3106 (1998) Blocked NIR Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
Properties VULCAN Pearly sheets are co-extruded with a PAR selective additive that blocks heat inducing solar radiation, while allowing high a percentage of cool, diffused green light penetration.
Places to Use Housing, warehouse or industrial skylights, walkways, patios; basically places with living organisms.