Roofing Screws Types

Roofing screws are essential components used in securing various types of roofing materials to the underlying structure. Roofing screws come in different types, each designed for specific roofing applications, which can sometimes be hard to choose from.  Luckily, for our customers, you have come to the right place, as fasteners also happen to one sector of our core businesses.

There are a few things to identify before moving on to choosing the correct roofing screw types for the job:

  1. Determine the type of roofing sheet are we dealing with.
    • What material is the sheet made of?
    • What profile is the sheet?
    • What is the color?
    • Thickness of the sheet?
    • Is it an insulated panel?  If so, what is the thickness of the insulated portion?
    • Will there be skylight panels involved during installation?
  2. Determine the structure it is affixed to.
    • Are the purlins steel or timber?
    • Thickness of the steel purlins?
    • Are there any trusses involved?

Other than brick or mortar, the most common roofing sheet material will be steel, which is often paired with skylight material such as Polycarbonate, UPVC, PVC or Fiberglass.  The substrate that the metal roofing and plastic skylight sheets will normally be affixed to either steel or wooden rafters and purlins. 

For a polycarbonate skylight sheet installer, choosing correct roofing screws types can be quite tricky at first glance, due to the different polycarbonate sheet profiles and different roofing designs, one may think that there must be a lot of types to choose from, when in fact, the determining factor usually depends on the polycarbonate roofing sheet itself, and the type of substrate the sheets are affixed to.

Normally, polycarbonate roofing sheets are either fixed on metal or timber substrates; or framed, which will require different types of screws to affix. There are a few things to identify before moving on to choosing the correct skylight roofing screw:

  1. Determine the details of the skylight to be installed:
    • What is the skylight material?
    • What profile is the skylight sheet?
    • Thickness of the skylight panel?

When fixing polycarbonate corrugated roofing sheets on metal or timber substrates, screws must be affixed on the corrugation crest, which normally requires a screw that is slightly longer than the corrugation height for enough threads to hold onto the substrate underneath.

BDN Fasteners offer two different roofing screw types to fix polycarbonate roofing skylights, Poly-Fast™ and POLYXPAND™ fasteners.

  • Poly-Fast™ fasteners is offered in two varieties – fixing to metal and fixing to timber and are all designed for crest fixing.
  • POLYXPAND™ fasteners are designed for fixing polycarbonate skylights to metal substrates and come in Crest and Valley fixing lengths.

Poly-Fast™ & POLYXPAND™ Crest Fixing Fasteners can be used on all kinds of plastic glazing material and are especially effective when used as a polycarbonate roofing screws types, with its length designed to accommodate the crest height of ROMA GRECA, and TRIMDEK profiles.

When selecting polycarbonate roofing screws, it’s important to consider the specific requirements of your project, including the environmental conditions, the thickness and type of polycarbonate sheets, and the structural material to which they will be attached. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for the best results.